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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Red Hots Burlesque shows this Friday and Saturday, September 17 and 18

This weekend will feature two Red Hots Burlesque shows in San Francisco: the weekly show at El Rio on Friday evening, and a "Special Addiciton" show on Saturday at the Center for Sex and Culture.

On Friday, see Oleeander Moon (aka Jodi Waseca of Room for Cream, Jellyfish Kiss Burlesque, and Risk-A Cabaret fame) and New Orleans' Miss Dottie von Polka make their debuts on the Red Hots stage! With the guest hosts the Cock-Ts! They're the #1 burlesque cheerleading squad, and don't you forget it!

Red Hots flier, September 17, 2010

Red Hots Burlesque continues to ensure quality entertainment at El Rio every week as promised. And this week we have one of our favorite guest hosts, The COCK Ts who went from the state champs to the state TRAMPS! and that's why we love 'em! SF's **ONLY** weekly burlesque show provides bumps, grinds, and giggles galore.

Our show also includes a screening of filthy and freaky film footage and tortuous tunage from Alex BIG Cox. Grab a drink, some *free* Oysters and BBQ at El Rio's famous happy hour ( voted "THE BEST OF THE BAY" by the SF Weekly) and watch us twitch and twatch!

This Friday , Sept 17 at El Rio
3158 Mission Street
The Show starts at 7:30pm! So don't be late! Win the Raffle to donate to your favorite Charity or Non-profit!
$5-10 to the sexy door maiden.

Performances by Kitty Von Quimm, Vera DeVille, Dottie Lux and introducing the RHB debut of Dottie Von Polka and Oleeander Mooon!

Oleeander Moon (aka Jodi Waseca) has been fascinated with hobos and gypsies since the age of 3, when she picked up the art of dance and hasn't put it down since. Now as a bonafide adult, her fascination still lingers, and her love of dance has manifested into many forms including, but not limited to, Contemporary Fusion and Traditional Cabaret belly dance, Modern, Jazz and Hip Hop dance, Burlesque, Fire and Theatrical Performance...and generally a fusion of all of these. Jodi is the 2010 Breakthrough Fusion Dance Solo Artist, SF. She is also a good eater and likes cats and stripes.

Traveling across the country from the steamy streets of New Orleans, Miss Dottie von Polka's unique brand of Real SurReal Burlesque is sure to have the well seasoned Burlesque aficionado seeing spots. Dottie popped her Burly-Q cherry with Big City Burlesque out of Atlanta and is currently a free agent in the New Orleans Burlesque scene; most recently speckling the stage with the Storyville Starlettes. Miss Dottie Von Polka is available for Party's, Weddings, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties while on the West Coast but catch her quick...she's back to the Southeast Sep 26th. You never know were you'll spot her next!

Then on Saturday, feed your addiction! Your burlesque addiction, that is! Red Hots Burlesque brings you another hot, hot, hot show. Because one this week was just not enough!

Join Dottie Lux and her special guests La Chica Boom, Alotta Boutté, Delilah, Bitter Waitress, and Francine Dead for a show at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco.

Red Hots flier, September 18, 2010

Red Hots Burlesque: Special Addiction!

Sat Sept 18 @ 10pm | Center for Sex and Culture, 1519 Mission St

Admission: $5

You just can't get enough! We knew you would be back for more. Flirty Fall is upon us and Red Hots Burlesque bring you 6 of the Bay's best performers in a special addiction Saturday show! Join LA CHICA BOOM, ALOTTA BOUTTE, DELILAH, DOTTIE LUX, BITTER WAITRESS & FRANCINE DEAD for a night of classic striptease, wacky pageantry, surrealist beauty, insane magic and just general fun! All this for only $5! Some may have booze, gambling or other such seedy addictions, but we know yours...BOOBS BABES AND BURLESQUE! So come and get it...this one last time.
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