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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Risk-A Cabaret, Mischievous Maidens, and Red Hots Burlesque on Friday, September 10

This Friday, there will be several shows in San Francisco and the North Bay for your burlesque whooping and hollering pleasure.

Risk-A Cabaret

In Sebastopol, Risk-A Cabaret will be having one of their monthly shows once again at Aubergine After Dark. This time, they are presenting Steampunk Sideshow! The patio and parking lot will be filled with wondrous inventions and vehicles. Plus the music of JD Limelight!

Then inside the cafe at 9 p.m., the burlesque, bellydancing, and variety show will begin! This month's featured burlesque performer will be Oakland's Honey Lawless. And you won't want to miss Shovelman, because he plays music on his shovel! How unique is that? You can hear some of his songs at his MySpace page.

The full details of the show are below. It's quite an awesome lineup of entertainment in the North Bay! And note that you can get in for just $5 if you dress in your steampunk finest!

Risk-A Cabaret flier, September 10, 2010

Pull up your bootstraps, don your finery, and get ready to feast your senses upon the most intricate of contraptions, high flying feats of wonder, and the most beautiful ladies ever before seen on stage, along with many a more amazing acts of musical and visual wonder!! Watch the lovely ladies slip and slide through thin air with serpentine grace! Enjoy magic, fire, and mechanical oddities!

Risk-A Cabaret presents STEAMPUNK SIDESHOW!

On September 10 at Aubergine After Dark in Sebastopol, Risk-A Cabaret will present more than just their normal burlesque, bellydance and variety show. Come at 7:30 to see the patio of the cafe transformed into an old-timey midway, respite with gadgets and gismos, wandering vaudevillians, and perhaps even a fire spouting art car. The parking lot will be overtaken by the most amazingly fantastic bikes of wonder!

Then, stay, eat fine food and drink, and enjoy the fantastic performers inside at 9pm!

Heres a taste of what to expect on September 10!


KRANK-BOOM-CLANK — Kinetic Conveyances of Whimsy
Krank-Boom-Clank (K-B-C) is a kinetic industrial arts collective located in Santa Rosa, CA, consisting of:
• David Farish • Skye Barnett • Clifford Hill
They build “kinetic conveyances of whimsy” and other mutant ride-able sculptures of bemusement and delight (a.k.a.“Freak-Bikes”).
“Hennepin Crawler”
The “Hennepin Crawler” was recently completed in time for Burning Man 2008 and The Great Handcar Regatta 2008 ( handcarregatta.
com ). The Crawler is comprised largely of discarded lawn furniture, VW Bug parts, and old bikes among other bits too numerous to
mention. It represents a desire to meld alternative transportation innovation, human-powered kinetic sculpture, recycling of
disparate pieces of functional garbage, and the prankster's notion of absurdity and bewilderment on an unsuspecting public.
Todd Barricklow's "Two Penny" contraption will also be on display!

In a project that would make Franz Kafka grin, a 40-year-old bug has metamorphosed into a snail. The resulting creation, an art car called The Golden Mean, is a golden gastropod that glows in the dark and shoots rings of fire from its feelers. It also seats six comfortably. Blacksmith Jon Sarriugarte, who fabricates custom home furnishings, worked with his wife, Kyrsten Mate, to transform a 1966 VW Bug into the rolling piece of art.
Also look out for other amazing inventions on display from this multi talented blacksmith!

Belle Époque~inspired beaded ribbon chokers, cuffs, and drop earrings with a whisper of Burlesque/Circus sensibility. Silk and velvet neo-Victorian treasures to delight your inner tart. Sewn with love, finished by hand, and completely dreamed up by Choklit, no two pieces are exactly the same. Please anticipate very slight variations in the details. If you fall in love with something - don't wait too long! I will only make each design in limited runs.

Cultivated Foot Wear for the Lavish Lady or Gallant Gentlemen
Spatterdashes and a myriad of other hand-cobbled goods
Mission: To Provide the Public with a Plethora of Polished Presentations for Fastidious and Fashionable Feet


Wandering accordionist, pleasing your senses with junkyard folk.
JD Limelight is a Brooklyn born Eastbanian currently on the road in support of his solo album, Greetings from Sonomastan. JD composes eclectic songs for interesting times,as they say.mostly playing accordion these days, JD also plays guitar, octophone, upright bass, ukulele, and autoharp.


He plays a shovel!!
"Shovelman's music would be playing on the radio if Tom Waits and Les Claypool ever went on a road trip together ......and were lost." - Chip, 'So Wat TV
"The results are in and the decision is final. If ever I'm looking for a lead shovel, or if anyone is for that matter, Shovelman is the first and only logical choice." -Klaus Flouride, The Dead Kennedys
"Bottom line, oddity or not, Shovelman is just the kind of off-kilter kick in the pants modern music might need to keep things interesting. Who knows? Maybe he’ll inspire some of us to put down our high tech gadgetry and start looking at low-tech objects with a new sense of purpose." - Melissa Tan, The

Formerly Jungle Love Orchestra, these cats will get you jumpin outta your seats and your booties a-shakin!

Be hypnotised by the magic of Ariellah!
Ariellah's style reflects and infuses her personal interpretation of Middle Eastern belly dance, with a modern, dark flavour, that is uniquely her own. She is widely known for her strong stage presence and unrivaled technique.
Deshret Dance Company (DDC) is a professional belly dance company based in Oakland, California. DDC wanders somewhere between the old and the new, infusing classical Middle Eastern dance with modern Fusion belly dance.

You wanted cookie got it!
Honey Lawless is the Director of Hubba Hubba Revue, the largest monthly variety show in the country. Best known for her over-the-top opening production numbers, she can also be seen charming audiences with her comedic striptease. Ms. Lawless is well known in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Burlesque Performer, Go-Go Dancer, PR Queen, Choreographer, Stage Manager and Producer. "Her burlesque performances are like no other! Perfect and utter madness.”

High flying beauty! We begged and pleaded with this amazing woman, formerly of Xeno, to come out of retirement to amaze us all with her incredible talent on the TRAPEZE! That's right, for the first time ever, Aubergine will be having an aerial act, and who better to do this than Janine!

Hes astounding! Fantastic! Outta this world! You may have seen him to card tricks. You may have seen him make things disappear. But you've never seen him do this.....

This lovely, beautiful creature will not only tantalize your senses inside the room, but stick around till the end of the show when things will get really hot...

These Random American World Dancers are a mainstay at Risk-A Cabaret and never disappoint!

and then...the show's not over yet folks...stick around for a hot hot hot fire extravaganza back out on the patio midway! Featuring
Oleeander Moon
and many more tba!

There are more acts still being confirmed! You REALLY don't want to miss this show!

Only $10 for all this amazement...and only $5 if you come in your best steampunk attire!

Aubergine After Dark
755 Petaluma Ave
Sebastopol, Ca

Patio Midway opens at 7:30pm
Inside extravaganza starts at 9pm!

Red Hots Burlesque

If you're in San Francisco, there will be two shows in the Mission. Red Hots Burlesque will be having their weekly show at El Rio, 3158 Mission Street. Admission is on a sliding scale from $5 to $10. The show starts promptly at 7:30 p.m., so get there early so you can get a good seat. And don't forget to check out the barbeque on the patio!

Mischievous Maidens

Also happening in the Mission will be the Mischievous Maidens' show at the Skylark Bar, 3089 16th Street at Valencia. The show will feature FunnyMan Leeland and the Mischievous Maidens. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the sole show of the night will start at 8:30 p.m. Note that this is a format change from previous shows. But it's still free!

Mischievous Maidens flier
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