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Monday, April 5, 2010

Red Hots Burlesque School of Shimmy: Spring 2010

Red Hots Burlesque's School of Shimmy returns for the spring term starting next Sunday! Yes, you can learn about burlesque from Dottie Lux and her guest instructors, including Lady Monster, Alotta Boutté, and Delilah.

Whether you're looking to become the next burlesque star, or whether you just want to learn something new, there's a series of classes for you. For more information, see below or visit and click on the School of Shimmy link!

School of Shimmy!

Tuesday Classes are held at El Rio
Located at 3158 Mission St. In the back room past the bar.
Sunday Classes are held at Medium Reality Boylesque's Studio
Located at 916 Natoma Street @ 10th
Space is limited and reservations are appreciated and encouraged.

You've heard about a burlesque revival. You've seen snippets of this sensation in the press and on T.V. Now it's time for you to get in on the action! Calling all divas, cool cats, harlots, dames hot mamas and daddy-o's, RED HOTS BURLESQUE SCHOOL OF SHIMMY is for you! If you have always dreamed of being a burlesque star or just want to learn what all this fun is all about you too can be Red Hot!

Bring a friend or meet some in the class. Burlesque is about having fun! Bring a smile and an open mind because we're going to let loose as you learn to shake it with confidence and class!

Sign up today!**Private Classes Available Year Round**

Open to the Public on the BELOW April and May DATES.

All classes are open to students of any age or gender who want to shake it on stage or in the bedroom. No previous dance or performance experience is required. No deposit needed for class, however space is very limited and reservations are strongly encouraged. To reserve a spot email with S.O.S. in the subject line. State which class(es) you are interested in and don't forget inquire about discounted rates! All classes are $30.

If you would like to perform at the School of Shimmy Showcase Burlesque 101, 201 and Finishing Touches are mandatory classes. The Spring Showcases will take place on May 28th at 7:30 pm at El Rio as part of the famed weekly show, Red Hots Burlesque.

School of Shimmy postcard, April 2010

April 11th 2-4pm @ Natoma & April 13th 7-9pm at El Rio Burlesque 101: In this two-hour workshop, students will learn the history of burlesque, how to create a persona and basic choreography. As well as learning to build your burlesque attitude; feel great about your body, and an open discussion about increased confidence and positive thinking.

April 18th 2-4pm Burlesque 201: Students are encouraged to come with an act or character in mind. We will develop personas and discuss song choice, prop use, costume selection and techniques for coming up with acts. This class will include lecture and group work.

April 25th 2-4pm Pastie Making and Tassel Twirling: How do we do it?! Impress and amaze with the art of tassel twirling. In the first hour we will go over the history of tassel twirling and you will make your very own pair of pasties with tassels. No materials fees. Supplies will be provided, but if you have a pair of scissors and/or a hot glue gun; bring it! The second hour of class will teach you those much desired and sought out moves to get those tatas-a-twirlin'! We will go over several different methods and find which option works best for you. Be prepared to wear pasties on your body. The class is a safe and respectful environment where students should feel free to toss their inhibitions aside.

April 27th 7-9pm Burlesque Choreography with expert instructor Alotta Boutté: Get the lessons in bumps, grinds and all those magical moves of burlesque stars from Alotta Boutte who won Best Troupe at Miss Exotic World 2004, and Best Burlesque in both SF Guardian and Eastbay Express. She has graced the pages of 7x7 Magazine as part of the annual "Top 20 under 40." and Jan/Feb 08 issue of Curve Magazine. She has been in productions of Margaret Cho's Sensuous Woman, Miss Exotic World, Tease-O-Rama and Beach Blanket Babylon.

May 2nd 2-4pm The Schmooze- Business of Burlesque with Lady Monster: Learn how to respectfully get press and bookings. Navigate the burlesque world with class and dignity. The best ways to get involved are right at your fingertips; don't miss out!

May 11th 7-9pm Fan Dancing With Delilah: Whether you are a novice or a professional, Delilah's fan dancing class will benefit you. Beginners will gain confidence and poise, performers will have the opportunity to refine their stage craft. Even if you are not interested in performing, fan dancing provides an incredible and fun workout for your upper arms (and all over)! In this class we will focus on hiding, revealing, tantalizing and teasing the audience. In addition to learning the fundamentals of working with fans, we will also touch on staging, movement, gesture and expression, bringing it all together to encompass all you need to create a glamorous and confident stage presence. Learn to use your face and your body to create different moods, from vampy to campy! Learn how to work the stage to incredible effect! You are welcome to bring your own fans, or anything else that can be used as a substitute. Bring high heel shoes comfortable to dance in and easy to remove (or ballet slippers), and comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.

May 16th 2-4pm Hair and Make-up Intensive: Learn how to apply fake lashes, accentuate your look, use hair pieces and wigs. We've all heard the saying "It's costs a lot of money to look this cheap!" well it doesn't have to. Join in this class where you're given the best places to find bargains and even learn how to make the most of what you already have!

May 23rd 2-4pm (Natoma) and May 25th 7-9pm (El Rio) Finishing Touches: Rehearsal and Workshop Participants get a chance to go through each of their numbers and address practical questions and concerns with bringing your first act to the famed Red Hots Burlesque (El Rio 2-13-09) stage that very week. Tim Wells is on hand to take your posed or live photo!

May 28th, 7:30pm El Rio (3158 Mission Street SF, CA)- School of Shimmy Showcase! Your chance to sh-sh-shake it on stage!
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