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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteer Night at the Uptown this Monday, February 21

If you missed Bombshell Betty and Fromagique's show at the Elbo Room in San Francisco a few weeks ago, this is your chance to see it in Oakland at the Uptown Club this Monday night!

If you've never been to one of these Burlesqueteer Nights, it's a whole lotta show for not much dough! They've got to make sure everyone gets their turn on stage before the club closes! And the cover is only $5.00!

The Uptown Club is located at 1928 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland (map). It's actually on the same block as an entrance to the 19th Street BART station, and there's parking on the street for those who drive.

The doors are at 9:00 p.m., and the show is scheduled for 10:15, although they may start things at 10:00 so that they can get the whole show in. It's almost too much show for one evening to contain!

Bombshell Betty's BURLESQUETEERS return to The UPTOWN CLUB!

The Burlesqueteers have another sexy and silly Monday just for you! There's an ostrich mating dance, a praying mantis femme-fatale, an orgy scene, "The Mating Game" (like the Dating Game but for animals), love magic, sex(y) on the beach, seduction, rejection, infidelity and True Love (not necessarily in that order)! Plus so much more!

Performers for the evening:
- Bombshell Betty!
- Vadge O'Fonor!
- Lezzie McFaggerson!
- Pearl E. Gates!
- Dangerous Delilah!
- Pickles Kintaro!
- Red Velvet!
- If-N-Whendy!
- Cherry Chapstick!
- Red Delicious!
- Cinnamon Stick!
- Mint Julep!
- Summer Fling!
- Violet Streak!
- Kinky D'Orleans!
- Nirvanah Bliss!
- Carlita Cupcake!
- Pyro Pantera!
- Sindee Rose!
- Velvet Vixen!
- Baby Blue Boom Boom!
- Andi Stardust!
- Cosette L'Amour!
- Plus Burlesqueteers so new, they don't have stage names yet!

With special guests, Will Longfellow, Man Prop and Undead Prop!

Live musical accompaniment by San Francisco's cheesiest band:
Fromagique, with guest singer, A Lethal Weapon

Hosted by Randy Johnson and Patina de Copper!


Doors 9PM, Show 10:15PM
21 & Up w/I.D.

1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(just 1 block from 19th Street BART!)
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