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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Risk-A Cabaret presents Day of the Dead-ly Halloween Hangover on Friday, November 5

Burlesque in the North Bay? You betcha! And if you've eaten too much candy over the past week, it's time for you to get out and get dancing!

This Saturday, Sebastopol's Aubergine After Dark will be hosting the monthly Risk-A Cabaret, and this month's show will celebrate the Day of the Dead. If you go to the show in costume, cover is only $5 instead of the usual $10!

Among the performers will be Living Legend of Burlesque, Isis Starr! Plus Dottie Lux will be making the trip north after her Red Hots Burlesque show at San Francisco's El Rio earlier in the evening (see previous post). The Bay Area's premier male belly dancer, Paige Lawrence, will perform, as will the Diamond Daggers and Joweh. And Max Ashley will play with fire for your entertainment!

Brothers Horse will provide the gypsy-punk music that will get your body moving, and JD Limelight will be breaking out of the band for a bit and performing solo at Aubergine at 4:00 p.m.

If you'd like to read more about Risk-A Cabaret, see The Bohemian article written by Aimee Drew! There's a bit about burlesque shows in general, some information about Paige Lawrence, and quite a bit about Risk-A Cabaret's Jodi Waseca, who will also be hosting the show as Oleeander Moon!

Risk-A Cabaret flier, November 5, 2010Align Center

Risk-A Cabaret presents Day of the Dead-ly Halloween Hangover!

It's that time of year again...the nights are longer, the air is crisper, the veil between this world and the next is you know what that means...

It's time to revel in the season, warm up and get loose with the only monthly burlesque show in Sonoma County!

On Friday, November 5 at Aubergine After Dark in Sebastopol, Ca, Risk-A Cabaret proudly presents


the on fire Vulgarian circus rock and roll band of the century

"They led me to a chair and tied me up. They draped one pair of panties on my head. Then two. Then three. Blindfolded. An apple, shoved into my mouth. My chair, tilted on its back legs. A drum roll. What in the world is happening?
When the blindfold came off, a guy in sequined hot pants pulled the apple from my mouth. It was perfectly pierced by a sharp, wooden arrow. A go-go dancer named Svetlana commemorated the occasion by firing sparks into the air.
...Brothers Horse—well, let's just say it'll take the better part of a month before the brains affected by their unbridled mayhem will be able to think normally once again." -Gabe Meline

gender bending delicious dancing divas

These 20th century foxes, a coterie of queer women that ranges from 3-15 people, will take you on a carnival ride with captivating stops in all decades of the 20th century.
Amelia Mae Paradise is an original founder/director/choreographer and general little-engine-that-could of Diamond Daggers. You may have seen her on any number of stages in the Bay Area in the past 7 years, including The Great American Music Hall, Bimbo's, The Place of Fine Arts, 12 Galaxies, The Victoria Theater, SomArts, ODC, Great America, and Dance Mission. Or maybe you saw her on a random street breaking into a fully choreographed Fosse inspired improvisation when the moment was right and the pavement just moist. She is renowned for her own irreverent brainchild, Breakfast Burlesque, especially popular is the Bacon Garter Belt and Cinnamon Bun Pasties. With a degree in Flamenco, this sultry New Mexico native knows how to dance with unbridled fiery passion and technique alike. She has produced and appeared in events for The National Center for Lesbian Rights, The National Queer Arts Festival, CounterPULSE, and Jon Sims Center for the Arts. She is featured in the forthcoming Bearded Lady Book.

burlesque superstar and legend

Isis began studying Ballet at 7 and at the tender age of 12 decided to be a Burlesque Queen after seeing the movie Gypsy. She perfected her bumps and grinds and took them to Ballet class where they were not appreciated. Nine years later she was working at the Pondor Club in North Beach, San Francisco. Realizing she was born too late to be a true Burlesque Queen, she started stripping from a Burlesque perspective. Since then she has been around the workd twice on a g-string and is now a Living legend and the Goddess of Burlesque.
On stage she is the personification of olde world elegance. She has performed on every continent of the world, excluding the North and South Poles, because she doesn't want to freeze her tits off. Isis has performed at the Crazy Horse in Paris, Beirut and Australia. She also did 3 months at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. She has worked the Windmill Theater in London and Paul Raymond Revue Bar, as well as the Olde Latin Quarter. She redefines the Art of Burlesque, with Style and Grace, Form and Face. Her performances are an outpouring of feminine power and sensuality. Burlesque is the Art and "I Am both the Artiste' and the Dance."

the Bay Area's premiere male belly dancer

Perhaps you've seen him on stages all over the greater bay area. Maybe you've not seen him at shows because he's in the wings making everything run smoothly. Or perhaps you caught a glimpse of him at our first show this year in May...but you definitely want more! And we here at Risk-A Cabaret are happy to oblige.

repeat performance by popular demand
red hot burlesque darling

Just like The City By The Bay, Dottie is known for her dizzying hills and dangerous curves. Well, hello San Francisco! She's here. Hailing from New York City, where she's known to cause a rucus with a horn, shake it up and bring bawdy brouhaha to well known stages like Coney Island Side Show, The Supper Club and Bowery Poetry Club. Also an educator, she has performed and lectured at NYU and Bard University. New Orleans, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Seattle have all got a taste of Dottie's chuckles, bumps and grinds.
Always having fun, you can find Dottie as a human telgram or merry messing with a bunch of clowns!

resident RAW dance with

You missed them last month, didn't ya? Well, they're fresh off their Guatemalan tour and ready to blow your mind with their own blend of Random American World Dance.

with Max Ashley!

your gracious hostess
perhaps she won't be too drunk this time to do a lil dance for ya too....

All this and more for only $10...however, recycle your Halloween costume from the week before or come festive in Dia De Los Muertos drag and get in for $5!!

Risk-A Cabaret
Friday, November 7
Aubergine After Dark Cafe
755 Petaluma Avenue, Sebastopol (map)

Doors at 9pm
$10, $5 if in Dia De Los Muertos costume

more info? email Oleeander at
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