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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Uptown Hubba Hubba for Monday, August 3, 2009

The fog and low clouds creep down the streets of San Francisco, and I'm sure Kingfish and Eddie will be creeping home after a few hard nights of making sure the local bars stay in business during these tough times. Hehe. But don't worry! They'll be (somewhat) sober by the start of Monday evening just in time for Uptown Hubba Hubba in Oakland!

My buddy Kiss Me Kate ( is in the line-up! She told me that she's all rested after taking a few months off she's and gonna stage a Burly-Blitz of Bay Area stages this month. So let's all welcome her back with a rousing round of whoops and hollers! :-)

kiss me kate,uptown hubba hubba
Photo by SFBR

This is a photo I took of Kiss Me Kate at Uptown Hubba Hubba last year. At first, it looked like one of those mistakes. Blurry. Kind of dark. But on third look, it seemed kind of artistic. So let's say I made it intentionally blurry to capture her energy and motion! Ha ha. And I'm sticking with that story. ;-)

Howdy Friends!

The next Hubba Hubba at the UPTOWN CLUB has a line-up that's gonna start Summer's last big month with BANG!

Hop in your dune-buggies and come on down, 'cuz Mondays in Oakland are made for BURLESQUE!

For MONDAY, August 3rd, we've got:

Ginger Virago!
Kiss Me Kate!
sASSy Hotbuns!
Pepper LaRue!
McPuzo & Trotsky!
Savage Man-Beast, Zip the What-Is-It?!

...and everyone's favorite drunks/MC's, Kingfish & Eddie!

still just FIVE BUCKS!

Doors 9PM, Show 10:15PM
21 & Up, w/ID


1928 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
(just 1 block from 19th Street BART!)

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