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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lucha VaVOOM in San Francisco this Friday, August 7, 2009

Rita D'Albert, co-producer of Lucha VaVoom (aka Ursulina), let me know that the show will feature a line-up of burlesque performers specially selected for our city! SF's very own Roky Roulette will be featured along with Miss Exotic World 2008 first runner up Lux La Croix! Here's how Rita described the burlesque performers:

1. Lux LaCroix - always makes a great showing at Miss Exotic World. She is doing a high-energy number that got a standing ovation in Los Angeles when she did it earlier this year.

2. Moana Santana - a LVV favorite, this is her SF debut. She has a real go-go feel and an amazing shape. She really shakes!

3. Karis - Hula Hoop hottie Karis is a big SF favorite - has to be seen to be believed.

4. Cherchez La Femme - she is over 6 feet of belly-dance magic, we are really lucky to have her for this show. She is incredible!

5. Roky Roulette - SF resident and Pogo-stick superstar. He always brings it - the crowds love him.

6. Ursulina - that's me. I haven't decided whether to do a number, but I just might.

Add to this all of the wrestling mayhem that will happen in the same venue, and the hilarious commentary provided by the comedians, and you've got a fantastic night at The Fillmore. Ice Cream Man says, "Well, it is the brilliant combination of Masked Mexican Wrestling and Burlesque dancing, otherwise known as the great blend of sex and violence. With fat sweaty men in spandex and half-naked girls in pasties, what more could one want?" NPR says, "Lucha VaVoom bills what it offers as sexo y violencia — a tried-and-true hybrid for hard times."

Lucha VaVOOM, August 7, 2009

When does this all take place? What does it all cost? Where will it be?

Lucha VaVOOM
Friday, August 7, 2009

The Fillmore
1805 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, CA

Tickets $32.50, available at

More information at:

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