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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Red Hots Burlesque for Friday, May 1, 2009

This week, there's lots of fresh talent at Red Hots Burlesque. In fact, all the performers are making their RHB debuts! Woot! And local legend Isis Starr hosts!

Red Hots Burlesque Brings you Performances from LA and Oklahoma

Red Hots Burlesque celebrated one year at El Rio in February and they've been seeing sold out shows since the new year! Enjoy this highly acclaimed show, you know if you miss one week, you'll be kicking yourself! Especially b/c this week we have ALL RHB debut performances!

Friday May 1st 7:30 pm SHARP
El Rio 3158 Mission Street
Hosted by Burlesque Legend Isis Starr
With Performances by Crystal Swarovski, Polly Peabody, Patty Smear, Honey Haliday and Ilsa the Wolf

$5-$10 sliding scale, 21+ w/ID

Red Hots Burlesque, May 1, 2009

About our debut performers:

Crystal Swarovski:

Crystal Swarovski has teased on stage in 16 countries. She has starred in numerous horror and sci fi films, including Burlesque Massacre, to be released May 2009, she fronts a band in NYC, Produces and Directs shows in La and around the globe, including Kubrilesque: or a burlesque tribute to Stanley Kubrick, which is on it's way to The Prague fringe festival and Torture Garden summer 2009. She has been featured on Mtv's Jack Ass with the Virginia city revival as George W Bush, you tube it "Congo Lisa" Crystal is also studying her LSATS, to attend Law School. She is an active Libertarian, between gigging, recording music, and traveling to exotic places like Egypt and Costa Rica.

Polly Peabody:

POLLY PEABODY has graced the stages of the following establishments: The Slipper Room, The Blue Angel, Limelight, Rififi, Veruka, Galapagos, SHOW, The Spider Club, The Key Club, The Derby, Tangier, Passive Arts Studios, MBar, El Cid, Fais Do Do, Bordello and many more that she's forgotten to mention. She has worked with The Boomshell Girls (NYC), The Va Va Voom Room (San Francisco and NYC), The Red Rooster Review (Key West), and with the great Shelly Bomb on events in Vegas, NY, Madison, Wisconsin and beyond. She and partner Crystal Swarovski competed in the Miss Exotic World competition 2006, where they lost, gracefully, to a diminutive "woman" and a monkey (damn it!) Their production company, Lopsided Productions has been bringing infantile entertainment to LA for a good four years now -- on and off, you know, whatever... She was a contributor and co-writer on Miss Swarovski's opus, Kubrilesque. Before that, she was co-artistic director at SHOW Nightclub with NY club impresario, Norman Gosney. She co-directed The Pink Rhino Review, The Pirate Show, Dark Carnival and The Hitchcock Show, as well as co-opening for Pink, Britney Spears, and Dita Von Teese. Fancy right? (Except for all the co's -- What? I delegate...) Nowadays, her main focus within the wacky world of neuvo-retro-homo-fatso-metro- lesbo-burlesque is to sharpen her razor-like wit on the whetstone of David Hasselhoff, abortion jokes, and the vast comic trench of Adolf HItler, securing a place for herself as the proverbial "hostess with the mostest," a cognomen she has bestowed shamelessly on herself (at least she admits it, girls). Oh, Snap.

Patty Smear:

Patty Smear has been inspired by Pat Smear, Patty Smith, and of course the nuerous questionable Pap smear results shes had. She is an actress, playing practical jokes on blooper tv, doing blackface on MTV's Jackass, and having sex with Fred Savage, not real sex, just movie sex. She represents numerous companies as a spokesmodel, and is a dancer with 4 different dance troupes doing four styles of dance, burlesque being one of them. She just recently starred in the Count Smokula Propaganda film, "Clean Underwear and you" and the example of Dirty Panties! In her spare time she studies numerous styles of dance, so she can always mix it up..

Honey Haliday:
Honey Holiday recently made her burlesque debut in Kubrilesque in LA. Since then she has been blowing people's minds with her Flashdance and her 50s sock hop. She is a native and avid rollerblader. She has always had a zest for performance. You can usually find her taking walks in the park with her dog, loving fruits of all kinds. She hopes to blow your mind!

Fickle and fierce, Ilsa The Wolf is the most fatal fraulein in the Midwest. With a mere wink and a smile, she’ll have you howling for mercy. Ilsa’s long-time love of dance, theater and bedazzled panties brought her to the bawdy and brazen stage of burlesque just over a year ago. This is one wolf you won’t find wearing sheep’s clothing…or much else for that matter.

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