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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Red Hots Burlesque for Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Friday, so it's time for Red Hots Burlesque! Start off the weekend the right way with lots of BBQ, booze, and burlesque for your happy hour. And this week, RHB welcomes guest performers Miss Glory Pearl from the United Kingdom, and Paco Fish from New York City. Let's give them a rousing welcome to San Francisco!

Red Hots Burlesque! presents *Our home town hotties welcome visitors from NYC and England*

Please come to "The Hottest Happy Hour in the Bay" for a very special evening with 2 first time performers to the Red Hots stage. We're packing the dressing room so it's up to you to pack the house. Dottie Lux guides you through the gaggle of gams and team of tatas! We're honored to have Kentucky Fried Woman-- hot and saucy meow meow--Simone De La Ghetto--bumps and grinds--Bunny Pistol--hops into your heart and please welcome Paco Fish (NYC) and Miss Glory Pearl

The Show also includes a screening of filthy and freaky film footage brought to you by Val Killmore, Grab a drink, some *free* Oysters and BBQ at El Rio's famous happy hour (Recently voted "THE BEST OF THE BAY" by the Guardian) and watch us twitch and twatch!

This Friday , April 10th at El Rio in the Mission.
3158 Mission Street
The Show starts at 7:30pm! So don't be late!
Win the Raffle to donate to your favorite Charity or Non-profit!
$5-10 to the sexy door maiden
21+ w/ID

About our debut performers:

From Miss Glory Pearl:
Trained in theatre, classical and modern dance, I am a pole dancer and aerial acrobat (static trapeze, aerial hoop and tissu) whose acts combine a unique blend of classic burlesque and jaw-dropping aerial. I am the UK’s leading Burly-Pole artist and can be found teaching pole dance and burlesque for Cardiostriptease in Kent and the Pole Dancing School in London.

From Paco Fish:
Paco Fish thrives on duality. The cabaret-performing alter ego of Paul Galbraith, a cytogenetics technologist by day, Paco Fish is a dynamic performer of spoken and physical comedy, burlesque, circus, and any other medium where he can find a stage. Most of Paco’s characters exist in multiple worlds at the same time and his acts are visual representations of the transitions between different, but coexisting realities. Whether playing the aggressive lion with a heart (and thong) of gold, the go-go dancer working part time as the Grim Reaper (also with a thong of gold), or the bride of indeterminate gender, Paco dismantles assumptions and defies convention with humor and passion.
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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your site. For some reason it is incredibly difficult to find burlesque shows in the Bay area. The revues and calender are great. Look forward to dropping in and checking out the updates. Many thanks, Autumn

Maxwell Wood said...

Thanks for reading, Autumn! :-)