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Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Friday Follies and the Art of Deneane Niebergall, Friday, April 3, 2009

It's the first Friday of the month, so what does that mean? Yes! It's time for First Friday Follies and Oakland Art Murmur, which is the art walk. Only you murmur while walking. Just kidding! There is a map of the Art Murmur at The Stork Club is near the Buzz Gallery on Telegraph Avenue.

But before we get to the FFF lineup, Deneane Niebergall of the Burlesqueteers has new work as part of a four person show, "Surface Tension," which has an opening reception from 6pm to 9. So before you head out to the Stork Club for FFF, check out the Chandra Cerrito Contemporary at 25 Grand Avenue, upper level. It's just a few blocks away. Click the link for a map. And say hi to Deneane!

Alrighty, without further ado, here is what you can expect at the Stork Club!

First Friday Follies

Hello party peeps! It is already time for First Friday Follies! As usual, we have an amazing line up for you!

Chi Chis del Fuego! Do the Prince lyrics , "Girl, u got an ass like I never seen..." mean anything to you? Oh, they will once you've seen Chi Chis del Fuego!

Bombshell Betty! Burlesque entrepreneur and innovator extraordinaire! Red Hot solo performances!

Kitty Von Quim! Of Rubenesque Burlesque fame...solo performances to rock your socks off!

Juicy D. Light! Also of Rubenesque Burlesque! She's gonna shake, shimmy, wiggle and jiggle her sexy way into your hearts!! Yowza!

Cupcake & Little Eyeful! Your favorite pint-sized princesses! Biggest Midgets in the game!

Margaret France! Our fan-frickin-tastic emcee goddess! A variety show unto herself- and the voice of an angel...

Musical Stylings of:
Merle & Larry! Crooners and loving couple who should be an inspiration to us all! They are radiant and funny, and really damn cute!!!

Fromagique! Swigy, jazzy and above all else, cheesy!!! Also featuring the lovely Bombshell Betty!

Alright folks, hope to see you there! No cover charge, but donations are highly encouraged (and appreciated!) to keep our show running!

The Stork Club is located at 2330 Telegraph Ave in Oakland.
Showtime: 9:30ish
Friday, April 3rd!

Free! 21+ w/ID

It's a good idea to get out to the Stork Club by about 9pm or earlier. The way the club is set up, only the first three or so rows of standing people can see the stage. It's not elevated, so the people in back have a hard time seeing the acts. One tip is to look at the mirror that lines the right side of the club. Sometimes you can see what's going on in the reflection!
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