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Monday, April 20, 2009

Hubba Hubba Revue: Viva La Revolucion! Pictures in SF Weekly

My buddy—and one of the stars of the show—Milkshake let us know that the SF Weekly sent some of their intrepid "Photo Booth" photographers out to the Hubba Hubba Revue show on Friday at the DNA Lounge. To see the pics, click on the photo of the two lovely ladies (One of them is mentioned in this posting!) under the "Daily Weekly" and "Weekend Photos" categories at Click on the photo that isn't Morrissey, who allegedly was at the club on Saturday. Or go directly to

If you ever wondered what the show is like, there are some pictures there that give you a taste of the HHR "Big Show" experience. Of course, the pictures can't match actually being there. But at least you'll know that there's a guy in a gorilla costume dancing with the performers and doing something vaguely disconcerting to Kingfish on stage.

I suppose that the first thing you'll notice is that people are in costume. Of course, the performers are in costume according to the theme of the show, but there are many in the audience who also dress up. It's not mandatory, but burlesque is one of the interactive entertainment options out there, so attendees do like to get into the fun themselves.

The overall experience is one of silly fun. Hubba Hubba Revue tends to play this aspect up just a bit more than other burlesque shows in the area, perhaps because they have funny fat guys as emcees. As with most good things, though, the producers and performers put a lot of serious work into the shows. They'll put together video snippets to project on the screen, design signs to hang around the DNA Lounge, have a whole crew to organize the show. The performers will put in hours and hours of work choosing music, choreographing an act, making their costumes, rehearsing, and doing much more. As I mentioned in one of my Twitter/Blogger posts, it's pretty impressive how they put together a four-hour show. They're so organized that they're already working on the August show!

Also in the pictures you can see the layout of the club. At, you can see the band, La Plebe, performing on stage as the audience watches from the main floor and the upper level. Also as I mentioned in a previous post, it's a different experience depending on where you stand in the club. The performers and more hardcore fans stand near the stage on the main level. So things tend to be a bit more raucous there. Along the railing on the upper level, audience members are still attentive, but tend to be more subdued. It's like most shows in larger venues in that respect.

The shows do get good crowds, as you can see at There will be several hundreds of people in the audience throughout the evening. Some people come early, some late. Some leave early, some leave late. There are always a lot of people to bump into as you move around the club, though, on the way to the loo. Ha ha.

Usually, the show begins at 10pm with the band taking the stage. Just before that at 9:30, usually Brian of Swing Goth gives some free dance lessons upstairs. After the band finishes their set at around 11. There's a 15 minute intermission while the crew clears the stage. Then the first half of burlesque begins. After about an hour of performances, there is another 15 minute intermission. Some of the cast, crew and audience members socialize outside and you can mingle amongst them, as I sometimes do. Then there's about another hour of performances, which finish up around 2am, give or take. Then there's dancing on the main floor. People will slowly filter out of the club, and you can watch the performers stream out with their costumes, instruments, and props in tow.

It really is a grand way to spend a Friday evening. If you go, take some earplugs if you have sensitive hearing. The band can be loud, though it's pretty much the same as going to a rock concert. If you forget, there are free earplugs at the coat check upstairs. You don't need to dress up, but you may have more fun if you do. Bring a date, bring a friend, bring a stranger you met on Craigslist. Ha ha! But really, burlesque is a social thing, so you'll notice that most audience members come in groups. Any way you come, however, you'll have a great time.

Hmm... Why do I think Kingfish and Eddie would have a joke about that last statement? ;-)
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