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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tingel Tangel with Scotty the Blue Bunny today at Cafe du Nord

I couldn't resist posting info about this month's Tingle Tangel. Why? Because my favorite Blue Bunny, Scotty, is the host! Yes, the star of neo-burlesque shows here and in New York escaped performances on the wild, wild continent of Australia and is back where he is loved and worshipped. I'm so totally expecting a drink from his for typing that last sentence. Ha ha!

Tingel Tangel Club - SF
Wednesday, March 25
Co-Hosted by Scotty the Blue Bunny & Ginger Snap
DJ JD Samson (Le Tigre, MEN)

8:00 pm (doors) / 8:30 pm (first performances)
Dance until 2:00 am!
Cafe du Nord
2174 Market Street (at 15th)
San Francisco, CA
Tickets $16
(Only $11.50 when you advance purchase w/code "friend")

Yes, folks, it's true! Tingel Tangel Club celebrates its 1-year anniversary this Wednesday at Cafe du Nord. Just 12 months ago the legendary Joey Arias christened what has turned out to be a resilient, resplendent and occasionally raucous intermingling of headlining talent from NYC and other West Coast cities and an eclectic array of the Bay Area's finest performers. While the anniversary has occasioned my own reflections on the past year, they have been nowhere as articulate as those of SFMOMA Curator of Live Art Frank Smigiel who looks back at the two Weimar New York shows presented last February in an article titled My Weimar. The SFMOMA shows began my creative association with San Francisco, and Tingel Tangel Club has extended it in rewarding (and often challenging) ways. Over the next day I'll compose my own thoughts and compile my thank you's to share with you.

I'm very excited to have JD Samson DJ-ing for us this Wednesday. In addition to being a part of the pioneering feminist electropunk band Le Tigre, JD's deliberately androgynous persona has pushed gender queer representations in ways that are echoed in her music (i.e. the Le Tigre song "Viz") and visual art projects (i.e. JD's Lesbian Utopia at Deitch Studios and the corresponding calendar). Speaking of gender queers, I'd be remiss if our anniversary didn't also include DJ Nature Boy. Nature Boy was our first DJ for Tingel Tangel, and he has been our most frequent DJ over the past year. It's great to have him back! With JD and Nature Boy going back-to-back, you better put on your cha cha heels and get ready to dance until 2a!

We open the doors an hour earlier this month (8:00 pm) to provide more time for dancing and to allow the working girls to get home and in bed at a reasonable hour. Thus, our first performance set will start promptly at 8:30p with your co-hosts Scotty the Blue Bunny (just returned from performing in Australia) and Ginger Snap (host of the monthly "Snapalicious"). Before moving to SF last year, Scotty had established himself as one of the stars of NYC's much ballyhooed "neo burlesque" scene. In addition to her own monthly at Deco Lounge, Ginger Snap is notorious for MC'ing many Comfort & Joy events including “Brighter Days Ahead” and “Suppervision.“ Comfort & Joy's Kitten Calfee has joined the Tingel Tangel team this month as production manager, and he'll inaugurate a new fund to provide assistance to queer visionaries with financial need to get to Short Mountain, Burning Man and other transformational gatherings. We'll have a raffle throughout the night to raise money for the fund.

I hear that the boys were swooning over Novice Theory. at the Eagle on Saturday, and you'll have the chance to swoon again as the prodigiously talented multi-instrumentalist makes his sophomore appearance at Tingel Tangel. Novice has been a stand-out in Weimar New York both here and in New York, and he performed as part of Justin Bond's Lustre at the Soho Theatre in London last Fall. An emerging star in his own right, Novice Theory was recently named Composer-in-Residence at Ars Nova in NYC. I am also excited to introduce Slowmo Erotic to San Francisco audiences. In naming the LA-based duo as one of The Top 100 Unsigned Bands of 2008, Music Connection Magazine says, "singer/keyboardist Kevin Hardy spearheads a duo characterized by clever, hypersexual, often raunchy wordplay delivered in an archly theatrical way."

The evening starts on a high note as Cookie Dough (The Monster Show) rolls out an opening production featuring cast members of The Monster Show. Known for his "post-modern impersonations" of Patsy Cline and Marlene Dietrich Arturo Galster debuts new material with Scrumbly on the keys. Scrumbly will perform a couple of vintage cabaret numbers himself and accompany beloved SF chanteuse Veronica Klaus as she wiles and beguiles you. Suppositori Spelling (host of Cocktailgate at Truck) returns to Tingel Tangel to throw it down with all the ferocious and derelict glamour she's known for, and Original Cockette Rumi performs in advance of his forthcoming tour to New York and Europe. Burlesque performance artist (and Diamond Dagger) Jukie Sunshine brightens the proceedings while the breathtaking beat-box juggling sensation Bronkar promise to amaze you with his vaudevillian moxie. The late evening gets a jolt of adrenaline as Scottish Andy debuts his new song "Hipster" with a group called (appropriately enough) The Hipsters, and the hilarity level hits orange alert levels with gay, Muslim comic Ali Mafi.

We're taking a couple of months off after this to get ready for our blow out PRIDE edition of Tingel Tangel, so get your fix and help us celebrate our 1-year mark!!


That was a lovely e-mail that Earl Dax sent out to his subscribers! He's learned to format those Constant Contact® messages. Plus he gives us a discount code! Woot!
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