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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Little Minsky's this Thursday, March 12, 2009... plus bonus Cabaret Verdalet 2009 rehash!

The producers of Little Minsky's today put out their lineup for this Thursday's show, and I've noticed that some of the performers starred in this year's Cabaret Verdalet. Hey, why don't we hop into the Sorta Wayback Machine....

Cabaret Verdalet was at the Great American Music Hall ( in San Francisco on February 28, 2009. For those who aren't familiar with the GAMH, it's in the Tenderloin several doors down from the infamous Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater. A bit different kind of stripping happens there. Heh.

Anyway, the GAMH is a midsize to larger club. The main floor in front of the stage was filled with tables (with tablecloths!) and chairs. You can see the setup on the website's homepage. Attendees could enjoy dinner before the show. Half of the balcony level was closed off, but the other side had chairs lined up along the railing and also had tables and chairs. Since I was a bit late, I was guided upstairs into the balcony and found a nice seat along the railing. It is an elegant venue.

The show was hosted by Katya Smirnoff-Skyy (, who introduced the acts and performed some songs from her repetoire. As the name implies, the show was a variety show. There were some burlesque acts from some of the top performers around, such as Kellita, Miss Indigo Blue, Kalani Kokonuts, Amber Ray, and many others. There were also musical acts, such as Katy Stephan. There were acrobats and gymnasts. Lots of talent on display!

Some of my favorites? Tigger (, who is a boylesque performer and had an act that would not play wellin the Bible Belt. It involved athletic ability, flexibility, religious artifacts and stripping. And I really like the performer who integrated rhythmic gymnastics into her routine. Her name escapes me, though. Then there was Trauma Flintstone (, who is a drag queen who brought new meaning to the term "stripping."

Speaking of which, Trauma Flintstone will be the emcee at Little Minsky's this Thursday! Back to the present. Haha. To a certain extent, you can get a taste of Cabaret Verdalet by seeing this show. Some of the performers from Cabaret Verdalet will be there, too: The Flying Fox and Mariel a la Mode! The venue is more intimate, and the kitchen is closed for the performers, but if you missed CV, then check out Little Minsky's! :-)

Ladies and gents, it's that time once again to get the shimmy a-shakin', the jazz a-swingin' and the cocktails flowing. That's right, it's Little Minsky's time with your host for the evening, musical drag sensation Trauma Flintstone, some lively 1920's style tunes from comedic duo McPuzo and Trotsky, and of course a sultry line-up of lovely ladies including Alotta Boutté, Mariel a la Mode, Gia Haad, Dottie Lux, Ariyana La Fey and The Flying Fox.

Afflicted by the recession, winter depression or stressful tension? Cast off your worries and join us Minsky's. For the only thing we have to fear is a world without dancing girls, music and laughter...

See you at the bar...



Alotta Boutté
Mariel a la Mode
Gia Haad
Dottie Lux
Ariyana La Fey
The Flying Fox

Trauma Flintstone (MC)
McPuzo and Trotsky

Oran - swingin' retro tunes

Thursday, March 12th
Club Deluxe
1511 Haight St (at Ashbury), San Francisco
9pm — 2am, Show at 10:00pm
$5, 21 and Up

--- Every Second Thursday ---

Performer Info:
Trauma Flintstone -
McPuzo and Trotsky -
Alotta Boutté -
Mariel a la Mode -
Dottie Lux -
Ariyana La Fey -
The Flying Fox -

Little Minsky's is brought to you by Douglas Good (of Cabaret Verdalet) and The Flying Fox (burlesque glamour girl).
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Anonymous said...

Hi Max! I think "the performer who integrated rhythmic gymnastics into her routine" was Shannon Vau de Vire if you are talking about the gal with the glasses and leotard. She was awkward yet very talented & silly. I loved her performance too! She's one of the founders of 'the Vau de Vire Society (
Personally, I gotta give it up to The Cottontails (the band) that played all night. They really made Cabaret Verdalet special and one of the reasons I love the show so much!
Have a Happy Weekend!

Maxwell Wood said...

Thanks, LBV! That sounds like her. Indeed, the band was great, too! It's quite a feat to bring together so many talented performers for a show. Kudos to everyone who was involved in putting the show together. Have a great weekend! :-)