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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uptown Hubba Hubba for Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, I just had the most trouble with that Tease-O-Rama posting. The Blogger platform just insisted on inserting some extra stuff into the links. Whenever I have problems with the postings, I blame technology. Yeah! That's the ticket! Ha ha.

Well, let's give it another go with this posting for Uptown Hubba Hubba for this coming Monday, July 27. Hmm... What can we expect at the Uptown Club?

Howdy Friends!

MONDAY, July 27th, we're winding down the month with a very special night of guests from afar, bran'-new debuts and some of your all-time favorites, too!

SEE! BURLESQUE & more with:

Sparkly Devil!
Kitty von Quimm!
Gigi d'Flower!
Bunny Bardot! (her debut!)
Behold! The Mesmerizing Power of MAGESTRA!
From Seattle, it's EMPEROAR FABULOUS!
Fear Our Savage Man-Beast, Zip the What-Is-It?

...and featuring everyone's favorite drunks/MC's, Kingfish & Eddie!

still just FIVE BUCKS!

Doors 9PM, Show 10:15PM
21 & Up w/ID

1928 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
(1 block from 19th Street BART!)

Summer won't last forever!

Ooh! They're gonna have some debut acts. Bunny Bardot is a Red Hots Burlesque School of Shimmy alumnus! Sounds like a grand time to be had on a Monday night in Oakland, people. :-)

Okay, I'll push the "publish post" button and hope for the best!
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