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Monday, October 18, 2010

Planet Burlesque comes to Berkeley's Saturn Cafe on Thursday, October 21

This Thursday, burlesque beams down to the brand, spankin' new Saturn Cafe in Berkeley for the premiere of Planet Burlesque in the Space Lounge.

Kingfish and Zip the What-Is-It? of the Hubba Hubba Revue will bring their space-aged zaniness to Berkeley, and the town will never be the same! Be dazzled by the whirling deep-space dervish that is Delilah. Watch in amazement at the astronomical talents of Alotta Boutté. Get krazed by that komet known as Kitten Kandy. Be blasted away by Bunny Pistol. Get stunned to death by the photon torpedo that is Francine Dead. See all these performers and more, including a burlesque photography show by that photographer to the stars, Mr. Johnny Crash!

This show will be one of the few which have a lower age limit of 18, so that means that most Cal students can cross over Strawberry Creek to see a burlesque show. And it's only $5! Inexpensive enough to fit into a student's entertainment budget!

It's all happening at the new Saturn Cafe in Berkeley. Before the show, you can get some grub at this space-age vegetarian diner. Nachos, salads, burgers, sweet potato fries, mac n' cheese, and more make this the healthy alternative to dining out. And don't forget the milkshakes! I've heard they're out of this world! You can see their menu on their website at

It appears that there will be a monthly burlesque show at the Saturn Cafe. On Wednesday, November 17, Red Hots Burlesque will stage a show at the Space Lounge. Yay for Berkeley burlesque!

Neo-burlesque is an interesting juxtaposition of the modern and retro. As John C. McCall of Cabaret Decadence has said in a interview concerning mythographic mapping of Planet Burlesque:
We don't reenact the past, we reinvent it. We like to say "we travel the past not take (sic)" - in doing so we create a kind of provocative nostalgia for pleasures not available from the store, and lives not alienated from meaning. For the seeker, the deeper mysteries are developed further in the "para-performative" mythographics that can be traced in our web presence.
How true that is! Even though that's referring to a different Planet Burlesque, it seems appropriate here. And it's so thought-provoking! It's deep, man. And you are indeed reading a para-performative work of art, by the way.

So this Thursday in Berkeley, boldly go back in time to where no burlesque audience has gone before! Head on over to the Saturn Cafe at warp speed, and make it a night on Planet Burlesque with your crew!

Planet Burly-Q flier, October 21, 2010


THURSDAY, Oct, 21st -- Planet BURLESQUE! invades the Saturn Cafe's beautiful new *SPACE LOUNGE* at 2175 Allston Way, in your Earth-City known as Berkeley!

Planet BURLESQUE! is a *brand new* BURLESQUE & VARIETY show featuring the hottest entertainment this side of a supernova! Set your controls for the Saturn Cafe's SPACE LOUNGE, and blast off for the vast & sexy reaches of OUTER SPACE!

Featuring Space-Age Bump, Grind & Tease by

Miss Bunny Pistol!
Honey Lawless!
Kitten Kandy!
Charles Bukkake!
Francine Dead!
Pearl E. Gates!

with Zip the What-Is-It?
& Hosted by Commander Kingfish


DOORS 9PM, SHOW 10PM -- $5 All-Night

THE SPACE LOUNGE (at Saturn Cafe)
2175 Allston Way, Berkeley
(1 block from Downtown Berkeley BART)
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