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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Femme2010 Conference shows: Friday Night Lights and Gliltterati

Although the two shows at the Oakland Metro Operahouse are included with the Femme2010 Conference registration at the Oakland Marriott this weekend, the general public is also welcome to attend Friday Night Lights and Glitterati (on Saturday) for $10 and $15, respectively.

What's happening at the shows? Lots of entertainment! Some very well-known performers are coming to the Oakland this weekend, including Miss Indigo Blue of Seattle, Vagina Jenkins of Atlanta, and Sweet LillyBee of Minneapolis as well as a number of local luminaries. The lineups for both shows are below.

Friday NIght Lights flier, August 20, 2010

Friday Night Lights: Two-Stepping, Music & Risqué Cabaret

Join the Femme Conference for a Jam-Packed evening of Fun as we bring you Friday Night Lights!

Admission is Free for Conference Registrants
and $10 to the General Public

9-10:30: Learn how to Two-Step and then spend an hour two-stepping with your new friends!
...10:30-11: Nicky Click will perform!
11:00: Stay for a very fun and naughty night of performance with
Special Guest: Alotta Boutté
and featuring:
Miasia (Washington, DC)
Lola Dean (San Francisco)
Girlie Pink (San Francisco)
Dottie Lux (San Francisco)
Ruby Vixen (Oakland)
Miss Tamale (Chicago, IL)
Lady Monster (San Francisco)
JAC McFaggin (Cincinnati, OH)
Chan Dynasty (San Francisco)
Vagina Jenkins (Atlanta, GA)
Cherry Galette (Oakland)
Pidgeon von Tramp (Seattle, WA)
MuLotta TaTa's & Sugarbush Lane (Seattle & Oakland)

With your FeMC's: Rosie Lugosi & Bevin Brandlandingham (Manchester, England & Brooklyn, NY)

Friday, August 20
Oakland Metro Operahouse
630 3rd Street, Oakland

Then on Saturday, there's another show at the same venue. There's a huge lineup of performers from across the land!

Glitterati: An Evening of Fierce Femme Sparkling Entertainment

Join the Femme Conference for an amazing evening of belly-dancing, burlesque, drag, music, spoken word & stand-up performances by Femmes from near and far! You will not want to miss the amazing evening of entertainment!

Admission is Free for Conference Registrants
$15 for General Public

Featuring Rosie Lugosi (Manchester, England)
...with special guests:
Titland (Oakland)
Cattitude (Portland, OR)
Indigo Blue (Seattle, WA)
Fran Varian (Durham, NC)
Alysia Angel (Portland, OR)
Heather Ács (Brooklyn, NY)
Damien Luxe (Brooklyn, NY)
Gina de Vries (San Francisco)
Elaina M. Ellis (Seattle, WA)
Alex Cafarelli (Bay Area)
Jessica Halem (New Orleans, LA)
Psychobabble (Bay Area)
Sweet LillyBee (Minneapolis, MN)
Shawna Virago (San Francisco)
Celestina Pearl (San Francisco)
Goldie Dartmouth (Berlin, Germany)
Happy/L.A. Hyder (Bay Area)
Heaven Mousalem (Oakland)
The Miracle Whips (Los Angeles)
The QUEERleaders (Sonoma & Baltimore, MD)
Amelia Mae Paradise (Oakland)
Brock Cocker & Jay Walker (Oakland)
Ginger Snapz & Cherry Tart (Seattle, WA)
Co-FeMC's Alotta Boutté & Kentucky Fried Woman (Representing the Bay!)

Saturday, August 21
Oakland Metro Operahouse
630 3rd Street, Oakland

Also on Saturday: Original Sin Burlesque at Sanctuary Ultra Lounge in Livermore and the SF Body Art Expo Burlesque Show (see previous post) at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. For more information about these shows, please see the calendar above or this week's roundup of shows.
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