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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bombshell Betty burlesque classes: Spring 2010

Looking to learn about what the whole burlesque craze is about? Want to learn more about burlesque even though you've already taken some classes elsewhere? Bombshell Betty will have several kinds of classes starting within the next few months.

Betty's classes are very popular, and many usually sell-out in advance. In fact, her March and April "Intro to Burlesquercise" class has already sold out! But have no fear, there's still room in her May class.

There are also Burlesque Intensives and a Burlesque Choreography Intensive offered this term. Full descriptions of the classes are below.

Don't have time to take a class but don't have the time to make it over to her studio? No problem! Order an "Intro to Burlesquercise" DVD! It's only $25 plus shipping. It's available at

Many, many notable burlesque performers have taken Betty's classes. Among them are the United Kingdom's Anna Fur Laxis, Bootsie La Rue, Barbary Coast Burlesque's Bunny Pistol, Australia's Cherry Valens, Chi Chis del Fuego, Dangerous Delilah, Fina Fatale, Foxy Chartreuse, If-N-Whendy, Josie Starre, Kiss Me Kate, Lady Monster, Lily Le Rouge, SF Boylesque's Max Barnaby, Milkshake, Fishnet Follies' Mynx d'Meanor, Fromagique's Randy Johnson, Red Velvet, sASSy Hotbuns, Steve Satyricon, Tiger Von Claus, Tinky Sparkle, and Tricksie Treat.

Classes will be held at Bombshell Betty Dance, conveniently located at 715 Bryant Street, Suite 201 (Upstairs) at 5th in San Francisco's SOMA district. Theres' usually plenty of parking on the street, and it's close to public transportation.

So whether you want to perform on the stages of burlesque festivals worldwide, or if you just want to learn something new and feel good about yourself in the process, Bombshell Betty has the classes for you! For more information, please visit her website at or email her at

Here are the descriptions for upcoming classes from Betty herself. To register for classes online, please visit

Looking for more fun in your life? Want to feel more confident and love your body just as it is? Meet new friends and explore your sexiness with the PROVEN system of burlesque instruction, Bombshell Betty's Burlesquercise!

Bombshell Betty started teaching her wildly popular "Burlesquercise" dance classes in early 2004 and is now a premier US burlesque instructor with her own studio in downtown San Francisco, her student list numbering in the thousands for her classes and workshops. Many of Betty's students go on to perform at major burlesque conventions, produce their own burlesque shows, and become big names in the local and international burlesque scene. A self-proclaimed "body image activist," Betty's motto, “If you feel sexy, then you are sexy!” informs every project that she embarks upon, including the Burlesquercise classes and shows!

Want to stand out from the crowd? Go from "wanna-be" to "gotta-see" in only 12 weeks! Can't commit to the whole enchilada? Try out Burlesquercise with the 3 week Intro series!

Bombshell Betty “always has something new up her sleeve or tucked into her garter,” including her 2006 release of the DVD Intro to Burlesquercise and her recently released book, “Plain Jane to Pin-up Queen: Pinup Modeling Workshop in a Book” currently being sold on 5 continents, so stay tuned for more innovative and sexy projects!

Break into the Bump and Grind!

In this 12-week intensive, you will learn everything you need to know
to get started in burlesque! By the time you finish this course, you
will have a strong foundation in burlesque movement, a solid stage
persona, and the ability to fully engage your audience while telling
your story through burlesque striptease. You'll know how to incorporate
props into your act, including using your clothing as props and
twirling nipple tassels. You'll have created signature moves and
learned how to invent your own dance moves for the stage. PLUS MUCH
MORE! Want to stand out from the crowd? Go from "wanna-be" to
"gotta-see" in only 12 weeks!

Thursdays, 7:00-8:30pm
April 22 - July 8

Graduation performance opportunities:
Wed, July 13 at the Elbo Room in SF
Mon, July 19 at the Uptown in Oakland

GENERAL REGISTRATION: $240 for all 12 classes!

Learn two "South of the Border" themed acts!

In this burlesque choreography intensive, we will cover the
choreography for two of Bombshell Betty's group acts: the "Heatwave"
act, which includes burlesque bump and grind, fan dancing techniques,
and can-can kickline steps. You will also learn the "Electricidad"
Latin scarf dance which pulls from flamenco and salsa techniques, and

SO YOU WANNA PERFORM? While performing is never a requirement, all
participants in the Burlesque Choreography series are eligible to
perform these acts at these shows:

Performance Wed, May 11 at the Elbo Room in SF
Performance Mon, May 17 at the Uptown in Oakland

Thursdays, 8:30-10:00pm
Mar 25 - May 6
*NOTE* No class on April 15 for Betty's Honeymoon.

GENERAL REGISTRATION:$120 for all 6 classes!


Want to join in on the fun, but you can't commit to the whole
enchilada? Learn the basics of burlesque dancing and shake your stuff
with some fun choreography in the next 3-class Intro to Burlesquercise

Thursdays, 7:00-8:30pm
May 19 - June 2

GENERAL REGISTRATION: $75 for all 3 classes!

Perform with Fromagique at the biggest monthly burlesque show in San
Francisco (if not the US): Hubba Hubba Revue at the DNA Lounge on August 6, 2010!

Don't miss your chance to take your Burlesque Performance to the next
level with the ONLY Burlesquercise!™ Intensive II series of 2010!

Designed for those with performance experience and/or those who have
taken the Burlesquercise Intensive I series, this 12-class series will
take your performance career to the next level! This series will cover

* Participants will be guided through the development of a
professional-level solo/duet burlesque act: from concept to
choreography to costume design to presentation!

* Participants will also learn a BRAND NEW professional-level chorus
dance act performed to "History Repeating"! Very sexy! Participants
will learn costume making and design skills by helping to create the
costumes for the group. The Burlesqueteers will also be applying to
perform this act at upcoming burlesque festivals, so don't miss this
opportunity to participate!

This series will also build on the information presented in the
Burlesquercise Intensive 1 series, covering:

* Advanced prop work: Learn fan dancing, chair dancing, plus using
parasols, clothing, canes, and more!
* Advanced stage presentation and working your audience - get the
reactions you want!
* Hands-On Burlesque Costuming Workshop included!
* Basic and Advanced Pastie Making Workshop included!
* Development of professional marketing materials!
* How to get booked and GET PAID to perform!

Thursdays, 8:30-10:00pm
May 13 - July 29

Performance: Friday, August 6th, Hubba Hubba Revue at the DNA Lounge

GENERAL REGISTRATION: $265 for all 12 classes!
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