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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Red Hots Burlesque for Friday, January 22, 2010

It's the return of The Flying Fox! Yes, she's back in the Bay Area for the weekend and will be performing at the Edwardian Ball. But before she performs there, she'll be at Red Hots Burlesque this Friday at El Rio in San Francisco.

Not only will The Flying Fox be there, but Lance Armstar will be saying farewell to his tatas, and he'd like you to be there to witness his last message to them!

Also performing will be Virginia Suicide, Miss Honey Penny, Honey Lawless, and Kiss Me Kate! How can you resist this show?

Red Hots Burlesque flier, January 22, 2010

Red Hots Burlesque Presents Get Em While They're Here

SF's only weekly burlesque show brings you two great sprecial treats in addition to the same wonderful ruckus they bring week after week. Remember a little while ago when we thought we would never see The Flying Fox on this coast again? Well LUCKY TREAT she's back for a short stint and we're so happy she's chosen to shake it with us. Will she smell of pizza and snow from her time back east? Come find out?

We also have a DEBUT and FINALE from the utterly scrumptous Lance Armstar!

Special Guest this week: Lance Armstar!

Lance Armstar has been performing with the awe inspiring ButchTap for close to two years. Before that he was found sharing stage with The Citizen Kings, Saucy Kinckers, Dancing with the Star Treckies and Hogwart's Express. Dancing is his reason to live!

On Monday (that would be this Monday Jan 25th at 9am to be exact) Lance Armstar, is saying a fond farewell to his tatas and as a goodbye wish he would like to share one last message to them with ya'll.

What a huge honor to gaze upon the glory one last time?!

This will be your very last if you're an ogler like me, get your butts on down! Hell or high water people.

Red Hots Burlesque celebrated one year at El Rio last February and they've been seeing sold out shows since the new year! Enjoy this highly acclaimed show, you know if you miss one week, you'll be kicking yourself!

Freaky and filthy film reel brought to you by Val Killmore and DJ Alex BIG Cox brings you tantalizing tunage!

Dottie Lux Hosts

Performances by:
Virginia Suicide, Honey Penny, The Flying Fox, Lance Armstar, Honey Lawless, Kiss Me Kate and MORE!!

El Rio
3158 Mission Street, SF
Show at 7:30pm

$5-$10 sliding scale, 21+ w/ID
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