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Friday, January 16, 2009

O Canada tonight! Hubba Hubba Revue for Friday, January 6, 2009

Hey all you hosers! It's time to get out to the Great White North tonight for some fine Canadian entertainment!

Join everyone’s favorite Canuckleheads, Lumbercamp Eddie and Sgt. Kingfish of the Yukon, as they take you on a Burlesque Romp through the Great White North!

It’s the biggest, wildest show this side of the Aurora Borealis! SEE! Acts of Canadian Greatness with...

SF Boylesque!
Wiggy Darlington!
Kitten on the Keys!
The Scenic Sisters!
Sparkly Devil & Lady Satan!
Deva Darling!
Flame Cynders!
Professor Shimmy!
Calamity Lulu!
Rubenesque Burlesque!
sASSy Hotbuns!
Comrade Tang!
Simone de la Getto!
Vima Burlesque!
Gorilla X!
...and The Hubba Hubba Go-Go Canucks!

LIVE! Charming Ballads of Filthy Sex by THE WET SPOTS!

HOSER DISCOUNT! From 9PM to 9:30PM, only at the box office night-of-show, tickets are just $10!

Free dance lessons upstairs, 9:30 - 10:00PM, by Saskatoon Brian of Swing Goth!

Hubba Hubba Revue O, CANADA!
Friday, January 16th, 9PM
DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh Street, SF
$15, 21 & Up w/valid ID
($12 advance tickets at (


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