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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's for Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a reminder that the first Dr. Sketchy's of 2009 will be at Bombshell Betty's Studios, 715 Bryant Street Suite 102, San Francisco (Google Map), Thursday, January 15. The drawing starts at 7pm and is scheduled to finish up at about 10ish. Holly Highbeams will be the burlesque model, and Fromagique will be the musical guest. I've been told that there will be a second Dr. Sketchy's this month, though the details are TBA.

For those who would like some idea of what Dr. Sketchy's is like, I've taken some photos at the November event.

drsketchysf-026Artists hard at work sketching Tinky Sparkle at the November Dr. Sketchy's SF (Photo by Maxwell Wood)

drsketchysf-065Another angle, another pose from Tinky. (Photo by Maxwell Wood)

drsketchysf-069Tinky striking a pose, if not actually vogueing. (Photo by Maxwell Wood)
The evening starts out with some music, and the model starts out with some short poses, two minutes in length. As everyone gets warmed up, the poses lengthen out to five minutes, ten, then there's a long one at the end of the evening of twenty minutes, usually.

Every 30-45 minutes there's a break for both the model and the artists. There's sometimes snacks and beverages, and attendees usually chat and mingle with each other until the next session starts.

In the middle of the evening, there is usually a contest. The host picks some kind of theme for the attendees to use in their drawings. In the past, it's been aliens, cartoon characters, and having the model suffer for being a naughty elf. As you can tell, the contests are usually fun.

It really is a great opportunity to practice one's figure drawing skills using a live model, and it's a great way to meet other artists!
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