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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Memories of the weekend

Well, apparently I'm still recovering from Tease-O-Rama! This past weekend, I went out to the Hubba Hubba Revue: Oktoberbest! show on Friday night and the Spookshow A-Go-Go show on Saturday night. And only now do I have the minimal energy needed to put together some postings for upcoming shows this week. Oh, I forgot about going to Ruby Fuerza's *nods down to the bottom right of the blogroll* b-day get-together! Hmm... lots of partyin' this weekend. Hehe.

Some notes from the shows:
  • Lady Satan rocks! She performed a "Hans and Franz" number with Sparkly Devil at HHR to open the show. They had the steroid bottles and buff body suits with the tassels and pasties on them. Definitely one of the high points of the show! Then on Saturday at Spookshow, she did her Sarah Palin act (with machine gun toy, which she uses as a toy, if you get my drift ;-)) . She comes up with some of most timely and creative acts around. And she commits so fully to her characters, too.
  • Speaking of Sparkly Devil, I love the Halloween act which she performed Saturday. Of course there is the fake blood--I think it was fake, haha--that spilled of her mouth. But there was also the fake skin that she peeled off... and pretended to eat. Actually, there were other parts falling off which she "enjoyed" while performing her trademark dance moves. It was gross and funny at the same time. And also quite sexy. Like a great horror film!
  • I'm also loving Alotta Boutte. Of course, who doesn't? Heh. But she performed as a music box dancer to the Dresden Dolls' "Coin Operated Boy," and incorporated an, um, battery operated boy substitute. You just had to be there to see it!
There were other highlights, but I'm running out of energy! So, on to the postings for upcoming shows...
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