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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Diamond Daggers Masquerade Ball on Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey, hey! It looks like the Diamond Daggers will be having a monthly show from now on. This month's show continues the extended celebration of Halloween with a Masquerade Ball.

Diamond Daggers Masquerade Ball

Hello Masked Heroes, Villains, Dreamboats, Faeries, Princesses, Witches, & Dandies!

Please come join us and romp around in the titillation and excitement of a true masked ball! The barrier between audience and art is eroded at our Diamond Daggers' monthly cabaret events (stay tuned for next month's Disco Thanksgiving!) This "high-art in a club environment" makes fine art and professional theatre accessible to a diverse audience, while encouraging aesthetes to explore SOMA and experience the mingling of glitter and grit.

Fat City
314 11th at Folsom, San Francisco
Doors at 9, cabaret at 10:30

This month, the season of crass Halloween is smoothed and refined with this elegant and lavish ode to the opulence and mystery of the veiled season. Combining the style, fashion, and design of local performance and visual artists, Diamond Daggers Masquerade Ball provides the perfect mixed environment for flirtation, art, entertainment, fashion, and sexy frolic for all of the Bay Area's queer and slyly twisted folk.

The DIAMOND DAGGERS MASQUERADE BALL will feature a complete environment, designed to engage all the senses, including living mannequins from Hayes Valley's Dark Garden Unique Corsetry, live portraiture from renowned artists Suzanne Rachel Forbes, sponsorship from the Mission's ADS Hats, and environmental film projections from director Sushe Sprado.

This all-star, professional, and refined line-up includes:
  • Queer Showgirls, Diamond Daggers, The Bay Area's Longest Running Queer Burlesque Company as seen headlining San Francisco Pride Mainstage 2005, Dyke March Stage 2006, NectArena Women's Pride Stage 2008, and showcased at The Edwardian Ball 2006, Tease-O-Rama 2005/2007/2008.
  • Musical Sex Comedy, The Wet Spots, Internationally Acclaimed Husband/Wife Duo Internationally acclaimed cabaret duo The Wet Spots (Cass King and John Woods) write the most elegant songs about sex that you will ever hear.
  • Cabaret Star, Alotta Boutte, Cast Member of Beach Blanket Babylon & Harlem Shake, Oakland's "Chocolate Kisses of Burlesque"
  • Belly Dancer, Jill Parker & Her Foxglove Revue, Director of Ultra Gypsy, and Zahgareet magazine's Instructor of the Year
  • Chanteuse, Uni & Her Ukelele, the neo-vintage pop chanteuse/raconteur gathered up kickpants, a rockhawk and magical ruby slippers for the first time in 2004 and her 20's punk movement has been gathering strength ever since.
  • Drag Dancers, Sir Loin Strip's Boilesque, with the rebirth of vaudeville and the crowd's insatiable appetite for burlesque, these bois bring to the stage what the San Francisco Bay Area has been clamoring for, BOI-LESQUE: a real butch burlesque!
  • Faux Queen, Hoku Mama Swamp, who says of herself "I was born to love faggots, queens, and trannies, and have slowly been morphing into them since childhood!"
  • Environmental Film Projection, Sushe Sprado, a visionary with over two decades of experience in filmmaking, animation and design she hails from Colossal Pictures, Duck Studios, and Sony Pictures and is currently working on her feature length offering, Paper Angels of the Bell Tower Opera.
  • Burlesque Starlet, Honey Le Bang, as seen with San Francisco's Premier Burlesque Company, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang and featured regularly in Dark Garden Corsets at Hubba Hubba Revue, The Edwardian Ball, Little Minsky's, and seen this year at the SF Drag King Contest.
  • Chanteuse, Hillary Reed, longtime bay area music producer and performer, director of El Rio's Twang, and proprietor of the Mission's The Salon.
  • Circus Burlesque Starlet, Dottie Lux, just like The City By The Bay, Dottie is known for her dizzying hills and dangerous curves. Hailing from New York City, she's graced the stages of the Coney Island Side Show, The Supper Club and Bowery Poetry Club. Also an educator, she has performed and lectured at NYU and Bard University. New Orleans, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Seattle have all got a taste of Dottie's chuckles, bumps and grinds. She hosts the weekly Red Hots Burlesque at El Rio every Friday,
  • DJ Derek B, was an original musical inspiration for Trannyshack and now resides in Berlin and performs all over Europe.
  • DJ Downtown Donna, founder of seminal queer clubs Fasterpussycat & Snatch, she spins sexy and mysterious tunes.

So put on your masks and whatever else, if anything, and get out there and party!
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