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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Flying Fox will be flying to New York City to live...

DJ Miz Margo, also known as The Flying Fox, will be leaving San Francisco to return to New York City. One of the co-producers of Little Minsky's, and a burlesque performer at many a Bay Area show, Miz Margo will be making the move in mid-December.

I'll always remember a show at Little Minsky's in which she performed. There was a fellow who must have been in his 80s sitting at one of the booths in front of the stage. During her performance, The Flying Fox danced very close to him. You can only imagine the look of delight on the guy's face. Ha ha! Since then, I've had a soft spot for her.

If you'd like to wish her well before she leaves, there will be a good-bye party on Thursday, December 3, at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. There will be DJs spinning, and lots of dancing. It's a public party, so feel free to invite your friends!

Miz Margo's Going Away Big Dance Party

DJ's MizMargo, Jeff, Mario Muse, (and possibly Omar)
spin Goth/Deathrock, Postpunk, Glam, and other decidedly Margo-type dance songs to make your feet move.

Come bid San Francisco's Dj Darling goodbye as she leaves for
eastern shores....
** For those just tuning in.... I am MOVING back to NYC mid-december***

And YES this is a public event! So feel free to invite/share/bring whomever you like!! The more the merrier!

DNA Lounge
11th St @ Harrison
21+ w/ID
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