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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"The Lair of Lady Monster" radio show debuts Saturday, June 13, 2009

Our favorite Bay Area Queen of the Fire Tassels, Lady Monster, has her own radio show on FCC FREE RADIO! You can hear her every Saturday from 2 to 4pm either on the radio at 107.3FM in San Francisco or on the Web at

She told me at Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Vegas that though she'll cover other topics, much of her show will be burlesque-oriented. For her premiere show this Saturday, she'll have Dottie Lux and Val Killmore as her guests!

I'm so excited for her!

Here is the show announcement from her blog at

Dottie Lux! Val Killmore! JUNE 13th!

The premiere of the Lair of Lady Monster on FCC FREE RADIO will have the guests:

DOTTIE LUX of Red Hots Burlesque, School of Shimmy and Spookshow A Go-Go!
If you have seen burlesque in San Francisco or New York City - you have probably seen Dottie Lux.
As quoted in Curve Magazine: "Dottie Lux, of Red Hots Burlesque, clowns around in her performances, literally. She says that 'the world seems a little less serious when you’re wearing grease paint.'”
"Sex, humor and entertainment."
"Strangely sexy" Burlesque Review


Val Killmore of LuxKillmore Productions and Spookshow A Go-Go.
Filmmaker extraordinaire - you can usually expect some gore with your go-go in her shorts, er films that is.

Tune in for all the bloody and bawdy details of this dastardly duo and all they bring to the San Francisco artistic community.

The Lair of Lady Monster
Tune in 2:00 - 4:00PM
Every Saturday
107.3FM in San Francisco
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Lady Monster said...

YAY! You are AWESOME!! Thank you!

Maxwell Wood said...

Looking forward to the show! :-D