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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oh noes! Monday's almost least there's Uptown Hubba Hubba!

Well, the huge Miss Exotic World/Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend is over, and the all of those who attended are probably nursing hangovers and need to catch up on their sleep! Haha! Wonder if I'll hear about anything that won't stay in Vegas?? Hmm...

Oh well, here is your chance to catch some new talent at Uptown Hubba Hubba this week! I don't recognize many of the names, but it's sure to be the "funnest" thing going on in Oakland on a Monday night!

Howdy Friends & Neighbors!

HUBBA HUBBA REVUE is back this Monday Night at the UPTOWN CLUB, bringing you finest laff-filled, booze-fueled, tassel-twirlin' good times!

Come on down and find out what the fuss is all about!

For MONDAY, June 9th!

Tricksie Treat!
Mable Sugar!
Rusty Mahakian!
Room for Cream!
Calamity Lulu!
Bootsy LaRue!
Randy Johnson!
Gretl von BoomBoom!
Isabella Minx!
Celebrity Simian, Gorilla X!

and everyone's favorite drunks/MC's, Kingfish & Eddie!

As always, it's JUST FIVE BUCKS all night!

Doors 9PM, Show 10PM
21 & Up w/ID

The Uptown Club
1928 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland (1 block from 19th Street BART!)

Help Spread The Word, Y'all!

You know, I just may take in this show. Watch out everyone! Haha. Perhaps you'll be there, too!
Oh noes! Monday's almost least there's Uptown Hubba Hubba!SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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