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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Experiencing Q-baret Spectacular

As I was walking down Howard, looking for the Garage at 975, I only noticed what looked like a private residence at that address. There wasn't a sign or any other indication that the show was there. Thinking I remembered the address incorrectly and that it must be 875, I walked a bit down the street and checked my posting for the correct address. It was 975 Howard! So I went back, opened the door, figured I was in the right place since there was no angry residents yelling at me, and I entered.

My Q-baret experience was a little like finding the performance space. I didn't quite know what to expect. I've never seen SF Boylesque before, and I had only seen Twilight Vixen Revue once or twice as part of a show featuring lots of other acts. How were the two troupes going to fill an entire show? They dd so very well, it turns out.

In a small theatre, the two troupes, Nicolai the magician, and MC Truly Scrumptious put together a very entertaining show featuring many costume changes, well-choreographed acts, and creatively sexy performances. Though I'm not a burlesque performer or educator, I enjoyed the show very much, as did the audience. That's pretty much my gauge as to the quality of a show.

Hooray for Twilight Vixen Revue and SF Boylesque!

If you're going to the last show today, just be aware that there may not be a sign hanging over the door, so just push it open. Also, the show starts at 8pm, so you'll be out by about 9:40 if you have any other Pride events that you're planning to attend. All of the details are in the calendar above.

Next in this series, I'll be describing my experience at the last Hubba Hubba show in San Francisco. If I ever get it edited to my satisfaction. Hehe.
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