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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baxtalo Drom's Christmas Eve at Amnesia in San Francisco

Looking for something to do this Christmas Eve? Baxtalo Drom will have their monthly show filled with dancing girls, music, and even a sideshow act at Amnesia this Friday, December 24.

Ring in Christmas with Sister Kate and their guests Devine's Jug Band, Molotov, DJ Wolfgang von Cope, and emcee Esmeralda Strange! And who knows? Perhaps Santa will drop by to take a break from delivering gifts. Buy him a drink!

Amnesia is located at 853 Valencia Street in San Francisco (map). If you you get in before 10:00 p.m., the cover is only $5.00. After 10:00, it's $10.00. It'll be a unique and affordable way to spend Christmas Eve!

The Baxtalo Drom Naughty List

Been bad little gypsies, tramps and thieves this year? Expecting a big lump of coal in your Christmas stocking? Perhaps you've been two timing Santa with a couple of his elves? Swindled and sweet talked one too many sugar plum fairies? Well, no worries friends! If Jack Frost is nipping at your nose and you ain't got a chimney to slide down, then come spend Christmas with us at Baxtalo Drom! We're gonna dance, sing, and drink the night away in our cozy little gypsy camp until we're all red faced and jolly!


Musical Guest;

DEVINE'S JUG BAND -- Grab granddad's moonshine, and your mama's washboard.... we're gonna get down with some old-timey, toe tappin tunes!

Mistress of Ceremonies:

ESMERELDA STRANGE -- A punk-rock polka goddess and one woman band banshee.

Sinful Sideshow!

MOLOTOV As slippery as snake oil, this dare devil swallows swords and throws knives at beautiful ladies......

Rattling the Tin Roof!

DJ WOLFGANG VON COPE! Our San Diego based beat alchemist is gonna get your feet stomping with his unique blend of gypsy punk, cabaret crunk!

It's gonna be cozy as a campfire at Amnesia Christmas Eve, with intimate performances all night long! So come early, and stay late! Dress tight and get loose. And try your luck at the Lucky Road Show... where fortunes and told and made!

Amensia, SF
Valencia between 19th and 20th
$5 before 10 pm, $10 after
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