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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

21st Century Magazine's Top 50 Burlesque Industry Figures: Vote today!

Every year, 21st Century Burlesque Magazine asks their readers to nominate between five and ten industry figures who have "impressed, excited, nurtured, inspired or entertained" readers during the past year. And now it's time to vote once again before the polls close on December 25!

You may vote/nominate at

Who you choose is totally up to you, but the magazine states that in addition to perfomers, you may also nominate others in burlesque, including producers, volunteers, writers, hosts or emcees, musicians or singers, or pretty much anyone else in the community.

There doesn't appear to be any prizes or monetary awards associated with the poll, but it's nice to be appreciated by one's peers and fans. Plus a top 50 finish looks great on one's self-description in marketing materials or on a Facebook profile!

So vote now or before December 25! The results will be announced in the New Year. You can read about last year's results at the 21st Century Burlesque Magazine's site.
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