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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lady Monster for KOFY TV 20 Host!

Lady Monster ( has made the finals in the monthly KOFY TV 20 host contest! Hooray! She's one of three finalists, and you can see their videos and vote at So vote now and see the results on October 26!

Note that you will need to be a member of "The KOFY Club" to vote. Once you've joined, you should see a drop-down menu with options including an item with a label including "KOFY TV host" in it. Here is the description for voting that Lady Monster provided:

Do the following:
2. Click on "WIN HERE"
3. On the next page (after you log in), scroll down to:
4. Meet and Vote for our "Be A KOFY TV Host" Finalists!
The entry period is over and we've got our Finalists. Now it's your turn! Meet our Finalists and vote for the person you want to see during the month of October/November! This person will be Your KOFY TV Host! Cast Your Vote Here

5. Click on "Cast Your Vote Here"
6. Vote for ME!
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