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Friday, February 20, 2009

Boylesque classes with Bombshell Betty

Are you a dude who has always wanted to be onstage taking it off and entertaining the thronging multitudes at burlesque shows? Always wanted to be covered in glitter and sequins, but thought that fun was reserved only for your women friendsb? This is your opportunity enter the wonderful world of burlesque and the Art of the Tease without resorting to that expensive operation!

Every once in a while, Bombshell Betty as a crash course in boylesque. In three classes, she will introduce you to the ins and outs of performing burlesque, with that special "male" twist. According to Betty, boylesque is one of the hottest new things in the burlesque movement!

BURLESQUE FOR MEN: A Boylesque Crash Course!

Have you ever been to a burlesque show and wondered, "Why do the girls get to have all the fun?" Would you love to perform burlesque, but you've been held back because you think burlesque is only for women? Boylesque is one of the hottest new things in the burlesque movement today, so come join the fun! In this introductory series, you will learn all the basics of burlesque performance including: * the burlesque strut and bump and grind dance movement * song interpretation and choreography basics * prop use * audience interaction and how to leave them wanting more * and much more! We will break down traditional and modern female burlesque performance and explore the traditional roles of men in the burlesque, using all of this information as a jumping point for creating modern and provocative Boylesque acts. All participants will be invited to perform at upcoming shows in San Francisco!

Wednesdays, 8:30-10:00pm
March 4, 11 & 18

So guys, get your glitter on and join the many men in burlesque, such as the members of SF Boylesque and Bobbie Burlesque! Contact Betty today!

Oh! And Betty also has some Burlesque Choreography and Burlesque Jazz classes coming up in March. Please see for information about all her upcoming classes and for registration details.
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