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Saturday, September 13, 2008

100th post!

Woo hoo! This is a landmark occasion for "all of us" here at the SFBR. This is the 100th post, and I'm kinda surprised it made it this far. *Much celebrating and drinking of champers and tassel tossing*

I started this calendar and blog because it was just too damn difficult to find out about all of the burlesque shows in the Bay Area, especially for the general public. In order to find out about all the shows, one would need to befriend a lot of different performers and shows on MySpace, visit all of the different websites of the shows (which may not be updated regularly), and scan through the various weekly calendars. For people simply looking for a fun night out, that's an awful lot of work!

I've received many thanks for putting the SFBR together. And it always surprises me how many of the performers use this calendar! I guess I'd always thought that there was some kind of performer ESP where they all had instant mental access to information about all the shows. Haha. Sometimes I wonder about myself! But it's always nice to be recognized at shows whenever I mention that I'm Max.

Thanks for reading this blog, and I do hope it continues to be informative and helpful. I've found the performers and producers to be wonderful people overall, and if I can do my part to help people find the shows at which they perform their magic, then it's worth all of the effort.

And, if you would like to include the calendar on your own blog or website or MySpace profile, please do so! Here is the code that you can copy and paste:

You may adjust the size of the calendar by altering the width and height attributes in the code so that it will fit into the space on your page.

Thanks again!
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